Blossom + Blot are excited to partner with Impact Everything to donate to The Lady Project to help empower women across America.

The Lady Project:

"The Lady Project is an economic development non-profit and membership organization that connects, inspires and showcases awesome women doing amazing things through membership, events and community engagement."

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Impact Everything:

"Impact Everything isn't just the name of our store - it's a lifestyle. Founded on our inspiration from helping others, our goal is to make it easier for people to live each day with purpose. Make a difference with every purchase you make from the clothes you wear, to the food you eat, to the books you fuel your mind with. Outside from your day to day, enrich your soul by joining our voluntourism trips. You can impact - everything."

25% of the profits from Blossom + Blot prints and cards sold by Impact Everything will go directly to The Lady Project.

To date this partnership has donated: